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Padres Links 4/23

  • Moores divorce trial date set for Dec. 3:  "They plan to have joint appraisals of their Ferraris and units at the Omni Hotel next to Petco Park in the next two months, according to court filings. They also are awaiting a report from a joint appraiser on their sports memorabilia. Additional outstanding issues involve the allocation of airplane expenses and allocation of the Petco Park owners' and commissioner's boxes. The couple are each expected to have a deposition taken in the next four months."
  • Chris Young's thoughts on the road trip:  Hopefully, that's the character of this club, in that we're not going to be pleased with a road trip like this even though it's decent."
  • The Padres/Phillies make up game is scheduled for July 23rd.
  • Corey Brock wants to answer your questions.  Here's his interview on XTRA 1360.
  • Friar Forecast wonders if the Padres are for real.  Maybe... maybe not.
  • Jenny Cavnar twitters about three different sports in one tweet.
  • Molina is a Padre killer: "(Molina) has had a lot of game-winning hits against us," Hairston said, shaking his head. "It just seems like coming up to the plate, he had a plan. It looked like he was trying to lift the ball. ... The experienced player that he is, I wouldn't be surprised if he looked at us and knew we were playing in."
  • More game recap: "The ball just kept going. It was carrying quite a bit. It was a hard one to catch when you're playing in, trying to cut off the runner and protect against a single," Hairston said. "If we're playing regular depth, that ball is caught, but in that situation you can't play regular depth."
  • I can't believe we are already voting for the All Star game.  "It was fun to vote because you knew you had a little impact on who would make the team," Headley said. "When I voted, we didn't have the Internet. When I went to games, I got excited about punching the ballot."
  • Eckstein hits baseballs and talks about hitting baseballs.  "He's talking the game constantly," Black said. "Because of who he is as a player, he rubs off on people in a positive way. He sets a great example. If some of the younger players asked him questions, he'd be happy to answer them. It's like having a coach on the field."
  • Floyd is getting an MRI on his knee: "He said there was nothing he could point to that caused the swelling," Black said. "We have to get him on the field. The shoulder seems to be under control, so we'll just continue to try and get through this."
  • GASLAMP BALL FLASHBACK: Ozzie Guillen and the WBA.