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Padres Links 4/22

  • I would hate to have a locker next to erudite Young and Stanford grad Gerut because they talk : "Politics," Gerut said. "I'm mostly apolitical. I try to be the antagonist to his conservatism."  Gerut is apolitical but loves to study communism. Every college athlete I knew had tutors doing all their homework, just sayin'.
  • DePodesta announces the return of Chris Burke: "With Cabrera missing the next two months, Chris is back and will now assume a role closer to what we originally intended."
  • Fans are cautious and skeptical of the Padres.  “They got off to a fast start. That's pleasant. They appear to be able to score more runs. If it turns out that their minor league players play like major leaguers, I'm happy for them."
  • Rotation realigned: "Kevin Correia, who had his third scheduled start rained out Monday night in Philadelphia, has been re-slotted to start Friday's opener of a three-game series against the Pirates at Petco Park. Shawn Hill will be pushed back one day to Saturday and Jake Peavy will start Sunday afternoon."
  • Peavy gave up his first Grand Slam in the Majors: “It was a cutter. I wanted to run it out of the zone and get a ground ball. Instead I ran it down the middle, an 88-mph fastball.”
  • Headley is fast, Adrian is slow: "I think we both did the right thing," Headley said. "Right off the bat, I knew it wasn't going to be caught. I was at second and Adrian was at second making sure. Once I got close to him, he took off. It was a matter of a split-second. If it's not a perfect play, we both score. Credit [Aaron] Rowand for being in position to play the carom and get the ball in quickly."
  • I'm going to add a new feature to these Padres links.  The Gaslamp Ball FLASHBACK!  I'm just going to choose an old post at random for you to read.  Today's random post: Robot Batboys.