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Random Padres Thoughts

  • I was just thinking that some Padres players seem to attract fans that might be a little more passionate than the average fan or as I call them "psycho".  These fans usually can fairly critique other players, but they lose all sense of reason when it comes to their man. In the past the Padres biggest psycho magnets were Khalil Greene and Trevor Hoffman.  Hoffman was a little different because every one loved him but the psychos couldn't accept his decline.  This year I see all the psycho fans gravitating towards Kevin Kouzmanoff.  How many stalkers does that guy have?
  • I was watching the 4/9/98 Padres vs. D-Backs game last night on Channel 4.  The uniforms were so tight and the pants were pulled up just below the nipples, especially on Wally Joyner.  When we look back at 2009 in ten years what are we going think of the way players wear their uniforms?  Long baggy pants?  Flat brims on their caps?  The fact that everyone wears long sleeve undershirts?
  • Why does Cox Cable have an HD Channel devoted to the Padres Game Schedule?  I think it's 714.  I'd like to start a Gaslamp Ball show on half the screen on that channel.  It would just be a web cam of us blogging in our underwears.
  • You know what the one part of Petco Park is that I hate?  That wheel chair ramp in right field.  If I have to get to the Park in the Park from Right Field, I think I'd rather walk clockwise around the park to avoid that wheel chair ramp.  I swear you half to walk like a mile and every time you turn the corner you think you are at the bottom, but your not.  Maybe they need to put little signs of encouragement up or water stations.  I understand they need a wheel chair ramp, but maybe they can put a fire pole next to it for those of us that are able bodied and impatient.