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Gaslamp Ball needs your help. Twitter 5k!

Some of you already know about Gaslamp Ball'sTwitter presence. Well, did you know that there are tons of SB Nation sites also on Twitter? It's true.

Normally, I would encourage you to check them out and maybe follow a few people, however that was before the SB Nation Twitter 5k Race. That's right. We're racing the other SB Nation blogs out there to see who can get to that magical number of 5,000 followers.

Sure, it's orders of magnitude less than what Ashton Kutcher and CNN are pulling, but still, it will be quite the accomplishment if we can get close.

So, if you are so inclined and haven't done so, please follow us. If you're already following us, please retweet your favorite Gaslamp Ball tweets. On Fridays, encourage your friends to follow us also with a quick #followfriday tweet.

Most importantly, if there's some way that you want us to be using Twitter besides random snippets of humor and fun facts, then let us know because most importantly, we want you guys to get something out of it.

Let's go Padres! Tweet ahoy!