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PSA from PSA are Public Service Announcements from Pad Squad Andre. PSA keeps Gaslamp Ballers informed of happenings that we should know about if we are to spend more time with Pad Squad Andre. -Dex

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear. So many look to eradicate fear from their lives, when that is an impossible task. You can certainly experience moments in absence of fear, however accept that fear will be with you whenever you are in the process of living creatively. The challenge is to go ahead regardless, simply notice the feeling and manage being courageous.” 

 -Mark Twain


April is finally here. And the days of fools has also passed. So the next exciting event of the year is the opening to the Major League Baseball season. If you are anything like me, this time of year, I begin to day dream about the Game. I sit up at night dreaming of home runs and pitching duels. I get a little fearful for the unknown that the year will bring, but exciting for the new things I will get to be a part of at Petco.

Tomorrow, San Diego fans will get their first look of the new team in Petco in a game vs. the Angels.  This will also be fans opportunity to meet the new look Pad Squad. New faces along with new Petco promotions should make this year very exciting. All Pad Squad members and mascots have renewed their sling shot and t-shirt cannon certification for the new year. With our ’09 Spring Training completed, the Pad Squad is set for the excitement of a new season.

For the fans coming to the ballpark on Friday, please stop and introduce yourself to the Pad Squad. This is the only time this year the Angels will be visiting Petco, so for all of you Southern California rivalry fans, it is time for the Padres to defend their home territory. In the Arizona spring training games vs. the Angels, there have been a ton of home runs hit by both teams. So heads up to everybody sitting in the outfield and the beachers.

Saturday night the Pad Squad will be going around different San Diego eateries promoting the new season.  We will be visiting Old Town, Mission Valley, College Area and Downtown restaurants handing out promotional items and ’09 schedules. Hopefully, I will see some Gaslampballers out on Saturday night.

Sunday is Padres Fan Day. Friar Fest was always a lot of fun, but by stretching it out over a couple of days, some fans were not able to get the autographs that they really wanted. This year, the Padres will all be out on one day. The team will work out and then sign autographs from 1:30 to 2:30pm.  There also will be the Padres Foundation Garage Sale. The Padres Foundation has had volunteers working very hard to assemble some amazing items for fans to purchase. If past experience has been any testament to this year, I would suggest hitting up the Garage Sale early and often during the day.  

Then on Monday is Opening Day. Opening Day is better than Christmas to me. Probably because I get to share it with 42,000 people instead just a few friends and family.  The game starts @ 4, so hopefully we can go without the Chinese Tea for opening day. Again, for all those attending the game, don’t forget to be wearing your Gaslampball shirts to the game.  For everyone else, don't forget to visit the Padres' Fan Value Corner and schedule your next Major League Memory.

Go Padres!

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