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Random Thoughts

  • You know what would make a good baseball snack?  Raisins.   If I was a baseball player I'd take one of those little boxes of raisins and roll them up in my sleeve like a 50's greaser does with cigarettes.  When I wanted a snack in the field, I'd stuff raisins between my lip and my teeth and suck on them a bit like chewing tobacco.  The Pad Squad should throw out boxes of raisins to fans instead of those boxes of baseball cards, people of all ages love raisins.
  • Does Jeff Moorad remind you of the host of "El Gordo Y Flaca", that Mexican show on Univision?  Not the hot chick, the other one.  If Moorad was carrying around an extra hundred lbs. I could see it.
  • Major League Baseball teams should only be able to maintain their home field once a week.  This smoothing of the dirt, mowing the lawn, replacing bases etc. between every inning is a bit overboard don't you think?  Plus it would just be another decision for a Manager to make, when to fix the field and against which opponent.
  • It'd be nice if on cold nights at Petco, ushers would walk around with teapots and give you little cups like they do at Chinese restaurants. I'd pay extra for that, I'll pay an extra $.75 for that per seat.
  • Petco and the Padres make such a big deal about being green.  They recycle they conserve energy and all that.  I bet fans would leave a smaller carbon footprint if they did away with the price increase for internet ticket sales and for the day of game box office purchase.  I'll make special trips down to Petco so that I don't have to pay those fees, two trips to the ball park for one game is senseless pollution.  When you take into account how much I litter along the way to the ballpark, you've got a serious problem, so let's get rid of the fees.
  • I like the entire staff of Channel 4.  I could see myself hanging out at Dennis Morgigno's house for a dinner party, chatting with all the TV hosts and making friends with Steve Quis... I really could.