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Padres Links 4/2

  • Paul DePodesta says they still need to send one more pitcher to AAA.  Who's it gonna be?  Luke Gregerson should go hide in his locker, they can't cut you if they can't find you!
  • Corey Brock tweets that Heath Bell carries his pet rat Daisy around with him.  I like twitter news better than real "official" Padres news.
  • Jenny Cavnar tweets a plug to the Post Game show where there is supposedly a Padres 2009 rap.  I hope it is similar to the Super Bowl Shuffle.
  • How cute, the Padres players think they'll have a good offense.  Not to sound pessimistic, but I am not buying this at all.  I'm so jaded about the Pads offense that I'll have to see baseballs being hit into Balboa Park before I get excited.
  • Tim Sullivan remembers Sheffield as the young Padre with his entire life ahead of him.