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Padres come from behind again to beat Philly 8-5. Best. Comeback. Of the season. Since. Yesterday's.

OK. Now this is just getting ridiculous. It's like the baseball gods looked down upon the last 12 months for Padres fans and said, "They've had enough."

We've shaken free of the fairweathers and we're left with fans who weren't expecting much. Especially not this

I went to see the debut of a friend's play, so I missed the first part of the game, but I came back just in time to watch Duaner Sanchez blow the hold, yet at the same time, set up yet another Padres come from behind victory and what could be the best game of the season yet.

I mean, the Phillies really wanted to win this game. They were in just the right kind of position to do it. Chase Utley had performed the heroics that Phillies fans have come to expect from him and Brad Lidge, a closer if there ever was one, was going to shut the door.

Except these are the Padres at the start of the Best. Season. Evar.

Even the Padres themselves had to be shaking themselves at the end of that one. Like, "huh... would you look at that. We won another one."

I'll tell you right now. This team hasn't seen these types of games since moving into Petco. This is honestly 1998 stuff so far. Games where you almost give up and then something amazing happens. Simply terrific.

Best. Season. Evar.