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Padres come from behind to beat Philly, 8-7. Continue Best. Season. Evar.

Ridiculous. That's all I can say about that game and this team.

It's ridiculous that this team can think that it's able to make up a six run deficit.

It's ridiculous that Heath Bell can be closing games. And I mean closing games. These aren't gimmes. These aren't Bruce Bochy and Trevor Hoffman circa turn of the century. These are games with lots of distractions. Former team. World Series Champ. Games where Heath has done some talking and is now backing it up.

It's ridiculous that I feel good about an offense that I haven't felt good about in years. Multiple players actually contributing?

Ridiculous that this scrap heap bullpen, culled down from about 80 pitchers invited to Spring Training, is holding down games the way it has.

I'll have to revisit the full ranking, but that right there was the best game of the season. I love games where I feel super good afterwards.