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Around the Mission: Padres Links 4/17

You know what's nice about this season so far.  If we get behind 3 runs, the game isn't over the Padres are actually capable of making a come back.  In 2008 I would have turned off the game after the first inning.

  • Silva is getting the week off.  He hurt his upper forearm while swinging the bat. He never batted in Mexico.  “On the swing and miss, it hurt,” he said.
  • Bailout Ballpark has no hot water: "The ballpark is beautiful. They did it right, other than getting some hot water down in the clubhouse, we'd be set," a chuckling Peavy said. "But, nah, beautiful facility."
  • Headley went 4-4 and leads the team with 8 RBI. "When you're hitting behind Adrian, you know they're not going to give him much to hit. Adrian is such a great hitter. They're going to make the younger, less established players beat them," Headley said.
  • Padres Blogger Kaybee writes an Ode to Kouz based on lyrics to Beauty and the Beast.  I'm a little upset I didn't think of this first and I'm being dead serious.