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Thoughts on the 'Twilight' Baseball Scene

  • So they only play baseball during thunder storms because they hit the ball so hard the thunder masks the sound.  If that's the case, doesn't using aluminum bats foil their plans? Pun intended!  Have you heard the sound an aluminum bat makes?  "PING!" That isn't going to be drowned out by the sound of thunder.  Second, can't vampires still be killed by lightning hitting their metal bats?  They should really be using wood bats, unless they are afraid that the bats will break and a vampire will get impaled in the heart.
  • They have all these jerseys, cleats, bats, caps, bases and no mitts?  They should think about hitting the sporting goods store, if only to complete their outfit.  If you think its because they are so good that they don't need mitts, then why does the catcher have a mitt?  Also batting helmets might be a good idea.
  • That cute vampire Alice has a distracting leg kick like Bronson Arroyo and a girlie delivery.  Why is she only throwing straight heat?  She is getting rocked, you'd think they'd pull her.  Who managing this club?  Maybe she's a fly ball pitcher since she knows her outfield is so solid.  Since she can see the future it seems she'd be able to tell her outfield where to position themselves for each hitter.Alice_arroyo_medium
    For Twilight's memorable baseball scene, Ashley Greene learned to pitch overhead fastballs. "I've never played baseball in my life, so it was a lot of training," she told MTV. "We weren't sure if we were going to have to use a double."
  • I always figured vampires would be sexual deviants but never thought they'd swing with bats.
  • Who invites their friend to a family baseball game only to be a vampire umpire?  That would... suck. Pun intended!
  • There's no excuse for Edward and Emmett to collide in mid-air while jumping for a ball.  Somebody should have called it and Edward should have read Emmett's mind and realized that it was his catch.
  • Why does Carlisle slide into home plate when those guys collide and drop the ball?  He should have gone in standing up.  These vampires sure like show boating.
  • You know how when some ball players take the field they show clips of movies as their entrance media?  Like Heath Bell had clips from 300 and Scott Linebrink had clips from Jaws.  Who's going to be the first MLB player to have clips from this baseball scene?   He'll never hear the end of it.