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Padres Links 4/16

  • Did the real team just show up? "The Padres threw the ball all over the place in the seventh inning ---- except over the plate. Three walks, a wild pitch, a passed ball and an ugly error helped New York score four runs on one hit, a bunt single by Luis Castillo."

  • Towers, Black remain optimistic regarding reconstructed bullpen. “I really couldn't tell you whether we're for real or not,” Towers said before the game, fielding questions in the visitors dugout. “I'd like to think so. I think we felt if we got off to a good start and these kids got some confidence, maybe they'll start believing. If we got off to a rough start, it could make for a real ugly season.
  • Heath Bell... quote machine: “I'm going to put San Diego on the map,” Bell said Wednesday.
  • Game Recap: "It was a bad inning," Black said. "We've played close to 80 innings and we've only had a couple of bad innings on the mound. You can't have walks and wild pitches."
  • Peavy and Blanco are special friends: Black said. "[That relationship] starts pregame. Both guys are in sync. You saw it develop early. Henry is getting to know Jake. The pitching selection is working."
  • Hairston was one of the Padres who wore Jackie Robinson's retired number. "[My grandfather] went through similar things that Jackie went through, but Jackie did it on the big stage -- he was the first one," Hairston said. "There was a lot of pressure on him, and the way that he handled it was amazing."
  • "When you see a balk, you make sure you yell it loud," said Eckstein
  • Jerry Coleman and Yankee representative Dave Winfield will attend the opening of Yankees Stadium.