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Kevin Towers on Trump's hair: "Pretty strong red comb over"

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers (MP3)

  • Kevin Towers is in New York sitting on a fire hydrant on 57th and 5th avenue, there are some interesting characters there, including the guy sitting on the hydrant.  No word if he is "feelin' groovy"
  • The stadium reminds Towers of a Pittsburgh or Colorado ballpark and it doesn't stink like old Shea.
  • Towers on Donald Trumps hair: "Pretty strong red comb over...kinda looked like a Pacific Beach 3 foot wave, Bob's Big Boy... interesting"
  • "We've been in every ballgame and the bullpen has done a nice job"
  • It helps a lot that opposing teams aren't able to scout our bullpen
  • Scott Hairston and Jody Gerut aren't necessarily platooning but Hairston has had a lot of luck with left handers.  It's tough to sit Gerut with how hot he's been.
  • Darren Smith asks if  Giles and Gerut might flip flop in the order. Towers says Giles will probably stay in the three hole, he's always been a slow starter.
  • Floyd will stay with the club through NY and try to get him some AB's against Baek in a simulated game.  Floyd will be strictly used as a pinch hitter.
  • Eckstein "is a championship player, I love when he comes to the plate",he sees a lot pitches, makes routine plays, makes it easier for Giles and Adrian Gonzalez.  Eckstein was probably the one that alerted the umpire to the balk.  He also helps young players.
  • Towers never watched Trevor Hoffman make a save, but he is watching Heath Bell.  Towers was worried on Monday that he would try to do too much to beat his old club and to silence booing fans.