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Jody Gerut calls television "The Glass Toilet"

XX Sports Radio: Jody Gerut Interview (MP3)

  • Playing at Bailout Ballpark is like walking the strip in Vegas.  It's very colorful, loud, big and guady.  No mention if it smells like puke.
  • The Mets may need to rely on pitching and defense because the ballpark plays huge and may shrink power numbers.
  • Ball players need to adjust their game depending on which ballpark they play in.
  • Gerut as a hitter would prefer to play in a bandbox like Cincinnati.
  • Gerut's cell phone battery died because he had so many messages after he hit the first home run in Bailout Ballpark.
  • Gerut saw Anthony Michael Hall, Geoffrey Rush and five character actors that were in Law and Order.  Gerut got hooked on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit BIG TIME!
  • Gerut calls television "The Glass Toilet" because all you see is crap and it makes you sit for long periods of time passively.
  • He has a lot of respect for Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier.  It's a major part of U.S. history in the 20th century.
  • Hat tip to Darren Smith and Coach John Kentera