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El Camino Real: Padres Links 4/15

Axion came up "El Camino Real" the road that ties all the missions together. Let's get to the links.

  • There are mementos of Jerry Coleman's playing days all over the new Yankees Stadium. Jerry likes it but is probably throwing their PR department a curve. “The thing that amazed me are the ticket prices they put on that first row,” Coleman said. “I just cannot fathom that. I don't care how rich you are. ... Twenty-five hundred dollars for a seat? You could watch it on television for nothing.”
  • Moorad is pleased with the first week of Padres baseball. He's happy with the crowds during the first home stand. He's keeping quiet about moving the fences and the amount of spending going forward.
  • Moorad aims to streamline the Padres. This article is chock full of anonymous sources giving their take on the organization. It's like a soap opera in the Front Office. Alderson chose to have both Towers and DePodesta report directly to him. "Another source, however, said the choice caused mistrust and pitted DePodesta's opinions against Towers'."
  • DePodesta is going to review every week of the season. "So, our bullpen guys have made 22 appearances, and exactly one of those appearances led to a run. That's ridiculous."
  • Hitting Coach Jim Lefebrve talks hitting in a video and article. It felt like the last several years that the Padres were more worried about driving up the pitch count rather than putting a ball in play. "I think that's happening, because we're having good at-bats," said Black. "We're not going up there to take pitches to drive the count up. Chase is swinging at a lot more first pitches. We're swinging at strikes and taking balls. It's line-drive down, hard ground balls. That's something we continue to talk about."
  • Corey Brock is talking about the rotation. About Silva: "the Padres are clearly a little concerned with his command, which was supposed to be his calling card."
  • Jody Gerut sounds angry and likes to complain: “I hate firsts,” the Padres' center fielder said after christening Citi Field with a first-inning home run Monday night. “I don't really like Opening Day. I don't really like the first of anything. It just changes things. It just changes the gravity of it.” The Hall of Fame wanted his bat after he hit the first Home Run: “It's a piece of trash, man,” he said later. “It's a terrible bat ... I have terrible bats. I don't have much of a choice. Maybe (this) will carry me to get some better quality wood, 'cause I certainly don't get it.”
  • It's Jackie Robinson Day again which means tons of MLB players will be wearing a retired number. Here's our thoughts on honoring someone by wearing retired numbers once a year. Hey everybody let's honor JFK by extinguishing his eternal flame at his grave site.