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An Evening with Mr. Steve Quis Part III

Now then...

Steve Quis told us all kinds of secret stuff, which I'm not really allowed to tell you about. We ended up asking lots of questions about hair and outfits. Quis and Scanlan do their own makeup. A former boss of his used to have a hair person, but stopped with that for insurance reasons. Any clothes that Quis receives is considered taxable income.

By the time we got the fashion lowdown, our tummies were growling and we made plans to meet with Steve Quis later in the game. I had the distinct impression that he might try to ditch us so I took once last long look at him before giving him a hug and letting him go on his way.

Left on our own, we proceeded to make the Gaslamp Ball Rounds. Gone are the days when we can just go to a game and watch it in peace. We had to constantly move around to try to learn more information.

We ran into Pad Squad Andre first. He introduced us to Pad Squad Melissa who, it turns out, is also the reigning Miss Escondido. Padsquadmelissa_medium

PSA asked us what we'd been up to and we casually mentioned that we were hanging out with Mr. Steve Quis.

"Oh! Well LA DEE DA!"

"Andre," we said. "You don't have to be all jealous."

"La dee da," he repeated.

Andre seemed crazy jealous that there might be somebody else at the ballpark that we'd want to hang out with.

"Really, it was always only Jonny Dub that had the crush on you," we told him. That seemed a bitter pill to swallow.

Afterwards we hung out a bit with Gaslamp Ballers David and Todd. David and Todd were a couple of the original Gaslamp Ballers when we were Padres Fans Since '76. After we joined the SB Nation, we lost a little bit of our indie cred and now David primarily participates by inviting us to concerts and texting during games.

Finally, we met Axion and his brother, NocturnalMatt. I was excited to see Axion until I remembered that I always disagree with his takes on Gaslamp Ball. He said that he didn't want to just be a Gaslamp Ball "Yes" man, always agreeing with whatever we say, like Wonko or Richard. We agreed that it's for the best.

Axion's a young, hip dude. I felt a little out of place while he and JBox talked about the Amazing Race and the most recent episode of Survivor.

Then the rain delay happened and we decided it was time to reunite with Mr. Steve Quis!

Only a little bit of Steve Quis in Part III! Will he return for Part IV? Will we see Bob Scanlan Again? What the heck are all of these sweat stained shirts doing at Weisbarth's desk!?!