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Winning can be delicious

Jalapeno Handshake
Jalapeno Handshake

I'm a little bit worried that the Padres are going to revoke all the cool fan give aways and food deals at Petco if the team keeps winning.  Winning will bring in the fans and they won't need to entice them with deals.  "I'll have the 5 for $5", cashier responds "That'll be $73".  This is going to be a great season with an affordable fan experience and exciting baseball.

When Dex and I bought tickets for last Friday's game they came with a hot dog and coke.  Since it was Good Friday we both tried the vegetarian hot dog.  When it was handed to us, it was really light like we were being served an empty bun.  Then we opened up the foil wrapper and it looked like a regular hot dog, so much so that we thought the food service employee had tried to slip meat into our buns.

I'll say this for the vegetarian hot dog, it's not bad, not really filling either. You put enough condiments on it and it has a similar taste and consistency to the real thing.  I think I'd get it again too because you don't get that sick feeling 20 minutes later.

We did need to eat more though so we weighed the decision one Rubio's Fish Taco or a slice of pizza.  Each were $6.  We went with the cheese pizza.

I still wanted something else for desert, so I made a Jalapeno Handshake. The mustard was so runny that I decided to pass.  I was really looking for a thicker deli mustard.  Next time.

In conclusion, great deals can be found at the ballpark.  Try the veggie dog, you might be surprised.  Go Padres and go easy on the mustard.