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Friars roll through Bailout Ballpark debut. Padres 6, Mets 5

Personally, I didn't mind that ESPN wanted to interview a Met after the game today. It takes some doing to remember who's actually worth talking to on a team that lost 99 games the previous season. In an ESPN perfect world, David Wright's home run would've put them well ahead and the East Coast Leader would've been able to make House of David and Stadium's Built the Wright Way puns. As it is now, I look forward to tomorrow's New York tabloid headlines.  What else did we learn tonight?

  • The Padres now have more wins in April 2009 than they had in all of last year.
  • Jody Gerut will be a trivia answer in the next edition of Trivial Pursuit MLB Edition
  • Heath Bell's on pace to save like a hundred games this year.
  • Mike Pelfrey's probably not much of a dancer.
  • Adrian Gonzalez should be an MVP candidate.

Where should we rank this game? Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. April 9. 4-3 over the Dodgers to split the series.
  2. April 7. 4-2 over the Dodgers for the first win of the season.
  3. April 13. 6-5 over the Mets to spoil the Citi Field debut
  4. April 12. 6-1 over the Giants to dominate the NL CY winner and sweep the Giants.
  5. April 11. 4-2 over the Giants to get Peavy his first win of the season.
  6. April 10. 7-3 over the Giants to stick it to Uncle Barry in the rain.
  7. April 8. 2-5 loss against the Dodgers. At least we kinda came back.
  8.  April 6. 1-4 loss against the Dodgers. Not a great way to open up the Best. Season. Evar.

Now we have an off day. which is kinda weird. Let's everybody just relax and try to enjoy parts 3 through 8 of my story about Steve Quis without any more impatient "interludes".

Best. Season. Evar.