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A Gaslamp Ball Evening with Mr. Steve Quis Part I

Steve Quis asked us to call him when we got to the ballpark. Originally, he said that we should try to get down there at around four, but we pushed that back to five and then the reality of parking, forgetting cameras in cars and traffic pushed that even further back to around six.

Once we were in the park, I gave Quis a call. His voice mail message, sounding vaguely like Matt Vasgersian, informed me that he was on another line and I left a message. Personally, I was worried that he would try to get out of showing us around so I told JBox that we should go over to the Channel 4 Studios and tell the door person that we were expecting him. Maybe we were on a list.

Let me tell you. JBox got ridiculous nervous about the prospect of walking up to Channel 4 and asking around. I can tell when he's nervous and he was so nervous. Yelling at me.

Me (calm, but concerned voice): He's not picking up. Do you know where the entrance to Channel 4 is? Let's go over and see if he's in.

JBox (yelling uncontrollably): We will wait right here! SETTLE DOWN! SETTLE DOWN! Why are you talking crazy? Why are you talking crazy? Let's find Pad Squadders. PAD SQUAD! DO NOT GO TO THAT BUILDING!

I started shouting in the direction of the Channel 4 studios ("BRING ME STEVE QUIS"), waving both hands over my head. While I was doing that, JBox noticed some Pad Squadders. Pad Squad being well within JBox's comfort zone we chatted up 2008 Pad Squad ROTY Loxie and friendly Pad Squadder who I didn't recognize and who's name is totally escaping me right now. Loxie told us that they do the pre-game from the batters eye so we made our way there. We also heard from the Pad Squad that Steve Quis's son was a lot like a miniature Steve Quis.

Lo and behold, after hanging out with the Pad Squad for a few minutes who should call my Palm Treo mobile device, but Mr. Steve Quis! Within minutes, he was making his way over to us from somewhere outside the park. I had always imagined Steve Quis to be about 5'6", so it screwed a little bit with my depth perception as he walked towards us. By the time he appeared 5'6" he was still a good thirty feet away or so. By the time he was standing next to me, he turned out to be closer to 6 foot and towered over me.

In part II, Gaslamp Ball meets THE Bob Scanlan! Gaslamp Ball hangs out behind the batter's eye! Gaslamp Ball sees Nick Hundley Stretching! And what exactly is that under Steve Quis's butt!?!