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Padres Links 4/10

Ahh, linking to other sites, the laziest form of blogging.  Let's do this.

  • Video highlights of the game yesterday.  I wish the MLB would allow embedding of their videos.
  • New executives eye Petco outfield. Just bring in the fences already.  I like home runs a lot more than cans of corn.  They say that defense wins championships, I don't believe that, but the execs know that offense sells tickets.

  • The comments about bringing in the fences supposedly came from the XX Sports Radio Interview with Jeff Moorad (MP3) but I haven't listened.
  • Becky Moores sent boxes of Easter candy to the players.  That was nice of her.  She unfairly gets a lot of blame for the sale of the Padres. 
  • Yesterday Corey Brock gave his take on the Padres catching crew.  "Hundley will be better off for having Blanco around. The Padres will be better off for having the two of them around."  They'll share time for now.
  • Eckstein likes Cabrera: "He's showing me a lot," Eckstein said. "He's going to be real good. He's showing a lot of poise, being able to check the runner and hanging in on the double play. That's why they kept him. It's my job to make sure he stays on course."
  • Who's hot?  Luis Rodriguez: Draws three walks and scores first Padres run, then hits game-winning double. Tied for the team lead with two RBI.
  • No more singing the ballpark blues. "Guys were still talking; guys were pushing. It was awesome. It was a great team win. Early in the year, it sets a good tone.”
  • Padres focus on manufacturing runs.  Black said ""That's why we're talking about cutting down on strikeouts and putting the ball in play. Runs are precious here."