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Tony Gwynn has never faced Stephen Strasburg in practice

I wrote about this the other day and I wonder if Scott and BR were reading, because they asked the same question.  Has Tony Gwynn ever faced Stephen Strasburg in practice?

XX Sports Radio: Tony Gwynn Interview (MP3)

Billy Ray: Hey Tony, have you ever picked up a bat and stepped in against Strasburg and just said "You know what kid, bring it"?

Tony Gwynn:  No, I haven't because if I could I'd still be playing. You know, I sit on the bench....the other day at TCU... It was freezing that day and he is not the type of guy you want to face on a day like that.

If you're facing Stephen Strasburg the game plan is really easy, you can't go up to the plate trying to pull. That's what a lot of teams try to do.  You gotta let him throw the ball, let it get deep, try to hit him the other way. It makes no sense trying to pull him.  I think mentally I could probably do it, physically no way.

In my hay day, oh yeah.