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Rollin' the Gaslamp Ball

You've probably noticed that Dex hasn't been posting regularly since he moved back to San Diego last summer.  He has a new job, a young kid and a lot of responsibilities that have kept him from even reading Gaslamp Ball for quite some time.  I've been trying take up the slack, but feel like I'm not doing a very good job of it. 

I enjoy moderating the site and working with SB Nation but never wanted to blog alone.  It was a buddy thing and when one buddy can't make the commitment, some of the drive is lost. 

Dex and I are going to pull a John Moores and remain in control of Gaslamp Ball, act as liaisons to SB Nation and moderate when we can but our daily blogging will effectively end.  We may still blog on the rare occasion, but it will mostly be done on Uncommon Sportsman.

Don't worry though we've selected two Gaslamp Ball readers to write for the site, two guys that love the Padres as much, or a little bit more than you, to be authors.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page you'll see that we've promoted Winfield's Ghost and sdsuaztec4.

I think you'll agree it will be good to have two full time writers, who are really close friends, blogging about their Padres.  It's a "buddy thing" again.

We look forward to their Padres coverage!

Go Pads!