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You could make some sorta chain fence out of all these links

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  • Peavy had a stressful three innings in the WBC.  He claims he came into camp in good shape though due to added running in the off season.
  • XX Sports Radio has some new interviews posted (MP3):  Andy Masur, Mark Loretta and Bud Black.  I'm saving that Bud Black interview onto my iPod for later when I need to take a nap.
  • The Front Office isn't going to change much except for Sandy Alderson being displaced. "At this point, we have the players we're going to have. ... I'm assuming this change will take place, and when it does I'll take off my boots. In the meantime, there's business as usual and I'm part of it. I'm still a Padre, and until that changes I'd prefer not to think about it."
  • Kevin Towers kind of contradicts Sandy saying that he's still searching for relievers.  "We're actively looking. I'm a little more comfortable with our rotation, but our bullpen? I don't know. I think we really need to keep an eye on these guys and also look outside."
  • Friar Forecast highlights some pitchf/x data on Peavy's performance in the WBC.
  • Latos signed a $1.5m contract and bought  a low-slung Nissan with the steering wheel on the right side. “It's got European specs,”
  • I hope you weren't getting too interested in these Padres Spring Training Games.  "These games mean nothing," Giles said.  He's only saying that because he's bitter that he can't play because of a quad strain.
  • Mark Sweeney finally retired and will be working with the Dodgers.  He played for the Pads on three separate occasions, probably best known for his pinch hitting abilities and for being the clubhouse clown.  He was the one who came up with the ridiculous Padres Idol contest that he then took on the road to every other team he played for.  Fans loved him though.
  • Khalil is killing it in Spring Training.  He's only struck out once in his 17 Spring Training at bats.