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A Few Good Links

Are we clear?  Yes sir.

I said are we clear?  Crystal.

  • Home Run Derby talks about how sweet it will be when we have 1984 25th anniversary celebration the weekend the Cubs are in town.
  • Giles upon hearing Manny had signed with the Dodgers “Manny? Manny who? Manny Mota went back to the Dodgers?” There's that Giles sense of humor.  In the same article Baek is speeding up his approach to rush hitters.
  • Luis Rodriguez got his first hit of Spring Training, plus he stole 2nd and 3rd base.  Hey Khalil, you got something in your eye!
  • While driving this morning I suddenly wondered how Lil' Clay Hensley was doing in the Astros camp. There just happens to be an article this morning saying Hensley ready to impress.  Apparently he gave up 8 runs to the Mets and then watched some video to correct his delivery.
  • Britton throws strikes. "I'm not really a big strikeout guy. I like to get outs with my infield and outfield. But as long as I'm throwing strikes ... everything works out."
  • Geoff completed and is selling his third Ducksnorts Annual.    A Ducksnorts reader comments that there may be a curse because anyone who writes the forward later leaves the Padres.  Sandy Alderson, Matt Vasgersian and will DePo be next?