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Kouzmanoff: "Gotta have Junior Mints"

Kevin Kouzmanoff (MP3)

  • Kouz felt good playing third base.  He got a few ground balls.  He'll be playing defense every other day.  He didn't dive in the game.  He did dive in the infield-outfield during practice "I had to test it out"
  • Kouz talks about Jim Lefebrve being on Gilligan's Island.  Nobody has looked for the video yet.  Anybody have the DVD's?
  • Darren Smith asks him if he's a video guy, presumably talking about watching his hitting technique on video.  Kouz thinks he's talking about watching Hollywood movies.  Kouz is a Junior Mint guy.  He didn't see any Oscar nominated movies.  Kouz has a problem falling asleep during movies.
  • Kouz only has one cell phone.  "I'm not a big cell phone guy".  He doesn't like to talk on the phone, he's more of a texter.
  • Evereth Cabrera caught Kouz's eye.
  • Kouz hasn't been following Team USA or the WBC.  He sounded surprised Team USA lost to the Blue Jays and Seattle lost to Team Austrailia.