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Alderson: "we're actually trying to accomplish something by putting systems in place that will work"

Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • He thinks it's a good thing to have the Dodgers, Indians and White Sox moving their Spring Training facilities to Arizona.  "The more the merrier"
  • Sandy likes the idea of Heath Bell pitching in the WBC to let him face better quality hitters in preparation for the regular season.
  • When comparing Wally Joyner and Jim Lefebrve :  "There is nothing different in Jim's approach that is different from the overall club philosophy"  It's about getting a good pitch to hit no matter where the hitters are at in the count.
  • Hitters need structure and a disciplined approach.
  • Alderson doesn't think the philosophy of the Padres will change after he leaves.  "There is nothing fundamentally different about what were  trying to do than what other successful teams are doing...  The difference is that we're making an effort... we're actually trying to accomplish something by putting systems in place that will work.  I don't think those fundamental elements will change.  They might, but I doubt it."
  • Alderson was very surprised how low the Padres farm system was ranked by Baseball America.  The only player that had a tough year in Alderson's opinion was Matt Antonelli.  Baseball America is tools and draft oriented.  He's very confident that the farm system has improved and will continue to improve.  He thinks there is some carry over from how bad the Major League club did that affected their thoughts on the whole organization.
  • "No comment" on the Cubs or PAC-10 job. Alderson is trying not to comment on his other job possibilities.  He's trying to continue to function as the Padres CEO for the remaining few weeks.  Alderson hasn't thought about whether he's in favor of a College Football playoff. 
  • When the sale closes then he will cease to be Padres CEO, that is projected to be before Padres Opening Day.  Alderson isn't really in the loop when it comes to the sale of the Padres.
  • "Let's start with the Bleacher Bums, they get zero credit" when it comes to the reducing food prices at Petco.  "I don't think Randy [Jones] reduced his prices"
  • Alderson is sure that Correia can pitch at the Major League level, but he's not sure if he'll be a starter or part of the bullpen.
  • Silva turned his ankle running in the outfield.  He hasn't thrown yet.
  • The Dodgers signing Manny was a shocker.  "I wasn't happy to see it because I think that make the Dodgers significantly better"
  • Kevin Towers hasn't told Sandy about any interest in Joe Beimel.
  • Alderson has been impressed with Everth Cabrera's glove.  "I'm looking for a guy who makes all the routine plays and brings a little bit of offense".  "The routine plays have occasionally eluded him..."