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Spring Training Game Thread 3/5, Padres vs. Rangers

Ah Spring Training Baseball is back after a day off yesterday. 

Corey Brock has the line up and injury report.

CF, Will Venable
2B, David Eckstein
DH, Cliff Floyd
3B, Kevin Kouzmanoff (first start in the field this spring)
LF, Chase Headley
RF, Emil Brown
1B, Kyle Blanks
C, Eliezer Alfonzo
SS, Luis Rodriguez
SP, Cha Seung Baek

  • Kouz will be playing third for the first time
  • Giles is testing out his quad strain and may play tomorrow.
  • John Weisbarth should star in a new Channel 4 reality show called "Peoria Nightz!"  
  • The Padres are saying the NL West is wide open.  I get the feeling that the Padres want the NL West to play down to their level instead of actually trying to improve their situation.
  • Check out TTG's Padres Baseball Card blog, Friars on Cardboard.