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Things Padres Fans like

  1. The Padres
  2. Complaining about the Padres
  3. Threatening to cancel season tickets they never actually owned
  4. Counter threatening the Padres "So move the team!  See if I care"
  5. The Pad Squad
  6. Wondering if Steve Garvey's number should really be retired
  7. Dressing their pets in Padres gear
  8. Fish Tacos
  9. Players who grew up in San Diego
  10. Cheap hot dogs
  11. Free give away items at the ballpark
  12. The Compadres Club
  13. Planning for championships 10 years in the future
  14. Unicorns and Rainbows
  15. Old Padres colors and uniforms
  16. Theme nights at the ballpark
  17. Jerry Coleman and listening to what he did today
  18. The Military
  19. Tony Gwynn
  20. Beers that cost less than $9
  21. 1984 and 1998
  22. Beating the Dodgers
  23. Being the underdog
  24. Modest players
  25. Nerds in our Front Office
  26. Doing other outdoor activities instead of going to Padres games
  27. Wearing flip flops
  28. Palm Trees
  29. Players who will play for "the San Diego Discount"
  30. The San Diego Chicken
  31. Great players playing their twilight years in San Diego
  32. Doing the Wave
  33. Playing games between innings on the Vision Board
  34. Blogging
  35. Pretending that a big name player will come to San Diego
  36. Advancing to the Post Season
  37. Mark Grant.  "Anybody on Earth that doesn't like Mark Grant... They got... They got problems."

Keep this list going I just ran out.