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Padres links 3/4

  • Padres dropped food prices.  I'm wondering how this affects the prices at other food establishments in Petco.  Will Randy Jones BBQ, Rubios, etc. drop their prices as well or will they lose business to regular concessions?  Can somebody from the Padres comment or email me with that info.  Maybe it was mentioned at the press conference yesterday but wasn't reported.
  • Corey Brock was interviewed (MP3) by Coach Kentera on XX Sports Radio. Brock makes observations about pitchers and position players.  Interesting perspectives about what is going on in camp.
  • The Blue Workhorse asked us to finish one of these sentences "The Padres (WILL or WILL NOT) win the World Series this year because..."  We're passing that assignment on to you.  Make it very thoughtful but also hilariously funny with a touch brashness and go!  Answer with the most rec's gets sent over there.
  • Chris Young is waiting for his arm to die.  "It usually hits me around the third start or the third week of camp," Young said. "And there is always a little panic."
  • Vasgersian will be calling the WBC games.  Hopefully he'll keep the profanity to a minimum.
  • Cavnar is using the off day to visit the new Dodger Spring Training facility.  Footage will be on the post game show tonight.
  • Peavy was embarrassed by how Team USA played in the last WBC.  “This time around, instead of going big name after big name after big name, it seems we've got some grittier, get-after-it type of players.”