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Who's going to be your favorite Padre this year?

I was trying to think of who my Padre was going to be this year and I asked Myron over at Friar Forecast to recommend someone during his live chat.  He told me I should go with Eckstein.  So he's my guy now, I don't want to hear any of you putting him down, because when you insult Eckstein, you insult me.  If you want to insult me then let's just cut out the middle man and leave Eck out of it.

I'm mostly just posting this to experiment with AP Photos.  SB Nation worked out a deal with the AP and they have a really slick interface for posting photos based on the topic you are writing about.

Okay, enough talk, let's see how this picture looks. 

[Note by jbox, 03/31/09 9:47 AM PDT ]

Man that looks tight.  Blogging is so easy now.  I can't wait until SB Nation allows you to embed randomly created computer generated opinions about sports so that we can get even more lazy.