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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/30, Padres vs. Indians

Games today and tomorrow televised on MLBN.  Game today is at 4:05pm against the Indians.

Totally stopped doing game threads there for awhile and I don't think anybody even noticed.  Also,just realized that neither Dex or I have watched or listened to one second of Padres Spring Training this year.  We're terrible Padres fans, but then again here you are reading the blog of two guys who don't actually watch the Padres, so who's the real loser?

Line up courtesy Corey Brock:

Lineup: Eck 4, EGonzalez 5, Giles 0, Brown 9, Headley 7, Blanks 3, Hairston 8, Hundley 2, Rodriguez 6, Correia 1. Relief: Gregorson, Burke.

Go Pads!