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Towers comments on Padres dysfunction, hints at starting rotation

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview

  • Scott and BR question Towers on Boras being Strasburg's "advisor".  They mention that if a college football player had an agent as an "advisor" that there would be red flags everywhere but the NCAA doesn't care when it comes to baseball.  Towers seems fine with agents "advising" college athletes.
  • Towers briefly read Krasovic's "dysfunctional" article yesterday.  Towers thinks that nothing went right last season and people internally started pointing fingers and giving their two cents.   "I would not say dysfunctional, do we have issues internally?  Absolutely, but so does every other sports organization".  On the actual structure: "Our structure maybe is a little different than most, the way it was set up from a baseball ops standpoint, but Sandy always gave me full economy as a General Manager to make baseball decisions. I always felt that way.  Did he have other sounding boards in the organization?  I can't answer that, I don't know " Towers likes to think that he had the final say so.  "Were there other people in the organization that were in his ear?  I don't know."
  • Moorad will likely evaluate the organization structure this year.
  • Moorad respects scouts and the analytical side of things.  Towers doesn't think it will be much different from the way it was under Alderson.  "I don't think we are a Moneyball organization"
  • Moorad likes to negotiate but finds a way to get things done.
  • "It's tough to evaluate pitchers in Arizona." Young's arm is "sound and healthy"  Towers expects Young to be fine and ready.
  • Towers is a little more concerned about Baek.  "Anytime that a trainer talks about strain in the flexor tendon, that's kind of the Tommy John ligament, the inner part of the elbow, is not good."  The trainer wasn't overly concerned.  It will be 7-10 days, so he will miss his opening start.  Correia might take the third spot and Walter Silva the 4th spot.  Shawn Hill and Eulogio De La Cruz who aren't quite ready might team up for the 5th spot.  Hill will take the first three to four innings and De La Cruz will take the next three.
  • Towers will not rule out a trade for Kouzmanoff, he'll always listen to trade possibilities.

Starting Rotation:

  1. Peavy
  2. Young
  3. Correia
  4. Silva
  5. Hill / De La Cruz