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Padres Links 3/29

  • Dysfunction in the Padres Front Office is the result of a rivalry as old as time itself... Jocks vs. Nerds.  “Look, I believe the statistical information definitely has its place,” he said. “But the pendulum went too far. We're making decisions on almost 95 percent of what the numbers say and only 5 percent of what the evaluators see. We've been signing guys who our own scouts say are non-prospects.”
  • Meredith is feeling the pressure now that he has a wife and a kid to feed.  Guys in the clubhouse say he's a lot more responsible. "He's always been a mature guy anyway, but he's definitely a little more focused on what he is doing," Hampson said. "Having a wife and a baby will do that. He's pitching for not just himself anymore."
  • Gwynn sees the similarities between the change in ownership back in 1994.