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Who is the elusive 12th member of Moorad's ownership group?

Moorad was being so secretive about naming the members of his ownership group.  He told the press that some of them wanted to remain private. He was told that it would become public record anyway, but still he refused to list all 12.  Now we are only missing one!

  1. Jeff Moorad
  2. Troy Aikman
  3. Wayne Seltzer
  4. Al Baldwin
  5. Bob Piccinini
  6. Tom Davin
  7. Richard Barry
  8. Dan and Denise Costa
  9. Patrick and Joanne Graham
  10. John M. McEvoy
  11. Jay D. Stein
  12. ???

We're in day one with Moorad and he's already so secretive.  I want that name!