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Dave Winfield's favorite Padres memory is... Dave Winfield

The Padres are celebrating their 40th anniversary and fans are asked to share their favorite memory.  You can fill out a form and win some prizes.   Cool.

The Padres have a few current and former Padres sharing their favorite memories to kind of give you an idea of what they are looking for.  This is where it gets good.

Adrian Gonzalez talks about watching the 98 playoffs as a life long Padres fan.  Heath Bell talks about lifting Trevor Hoffman on the teams shoulders after his 500th save.  Mark Grant talks about the race for the batting title between Tony Gwynn and Will Clark.  All great memories.

Then you have Dave Winfield...

"Since I began my career in San Diego directly out of the University of Minnesota, June 1973, everything I did at the Major League level was imprinted in my mind, because I was either doing it or seeing it for the very first time. My first hit, first HR, first time meeting the all time greats like Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, etc. But, the 1978 All Star Game introduction in San Diego takes the cake. After 5 years of hard work improving my skills on the field, and with my record of giving to the community through my recently established Winfield Foundation, that moment made everything worthwhile. The fans in San Diego and around the country took notice of our players and our town that day, and I'll always remember that moment."
  - Dave Winfield

Dave Winfield's favorite memory sounds a lot like self promotion to me.  Skipping the minor leagues, his memorable hits, making the All Star team and giving to charity... the fans in San Diego finally took notice of him.