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Padres links with snarky comments

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  • Paul DePodesta is now a multi-media blogger.  He uploaded some video of some lowly minor leaguers that I've never heard of.
  • DePo also chimes in on the Eulogio De La Cruz trade that took place yesterday.  Apparently the scouts called him "little bull with big arm".  Man I wish I had a nickname like that.  De La Cruz is a power pitcher who pitches in the high 90's and has touched 100 on occasion.  Towers says “He has a big arm and a good change-up,”
  • Friar John has a bunch of links and I'm going to steal a couple.  The first is Chris Young doing an interview with the Huffington Post.  That's the blog he's going to talk to?  Fine be that way.  Young hates that steroid users are taking his money and wants change but when the movement needs a spokesman he calls "not it!"  Maybe they didn't teach you this in your fancy Ivy League school, but if you want some change you're gonna have to get you hands dirty.
  • The other link I'm stealing is from the Brewers Blog where they say that rumors of them wanting to trade for Peavy are false and disruptive.  They must have seen his performance in the WBC.
  • Winfield promotes Little League Baseball and Subway Sandwiches with Larry King.  Maybe King is the senior that Winfield is advising.
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