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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/25, Padres vs. Indians

Game starts at 1:05.

Corey Brock with the line up:

CF, Jody Gerut
2B, David Eckstein
RF, Brian Giles
1B, Adrian Gonzalez
DH, Cliff Floyd
LF, Chase Headley
3B, Edgar Gonzalez
C, Henry Blanco
SS, Luis Rodriguez
SP, Kevin Correia (likely to throw 80 or so pitches. We'll also see Heath Bell for the first time since the World Baseball Classic).

Anybody else worried about the fact that Peavy has only pitched in three games so far?  One Cactus League game and two WBC games, that's it.  He says that one WBC game is worth 2 or 3 Spring Training games because of the competition and excitement, but still that doesn't seem like much practice.  So by the time the season starts he'll have one more Cactus League starts and maybe a few bullpen sessions. 

When either Peavy or Young inevitably end up hurt at the beginning of the season, how screwed are we going to be?  Very.

Go Padres!