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What do you do Winfield?

I don't get what Dave Winfield does for the Padres.  He was just promoted to Executive Vice President of the Padres in the Fall and the only thing I ever hear about him doing is promoting his own projects.  What's he doing for the Padres?  I think Friar Fit was his brain child but really that's all I can think of. 

I'm not trying to insult him or anything, it just seems like looking in from the outside that he's just in some sort of figure head position, where they give him a pay check, office and a staff and he just does what ever he wants.

Winfield participated in the shortest ESPN chat in history, he answered five boring questions.

Winfield will be on hand Tuesday in Beverly Hills, Calif for the kickoff of Little League Baseball's 70th season. The day will feature a special four-inning opening day exhibition game. The inaugural event will feature two Los Angeles District 25 teams - Beverly Hills vs. Culver City, the 2008 District Champs. Winfield will coach one team, while Fred Lynn will coach the other.

If anybody can shed some light on Dave Winfield's responsibilities with the Padres, let us know.