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Peavy likes everything about the WBC, except the things he doesn't like... which is everything

Peavy returns to Camp

You tip your cap to someone like Peavy who really seems to love competing for his country.  Really I haven't heard any other player gush about the WBC as much as he has. 

"It was the coolest experience that I've ever had in baseball,"

Okay, Peavy is going a little bit overboard with statements like that.  It wasn't that cool, but you get the point.  He loves the WBC, it's perfect in every way, but if your looking for ways to change it Peavy has some ideas.

"I just wish it were played after the season, the same time as the Japan trip I made in 2004. When we took our best players to Japan, we beat them pretty handily. It'd be different if we played Japan with our players in season form.

Ok, fair point, the US players aren't in peak condition now and a lot of players don't want to compete and injure themselves before the MLB season.  I can't help but think that if MLB really sent their best players after the season then Peavy might not be among them.

As long as we're changing things, let's go ahead and make the fans enjoy the series too.

"I just wish the American fans were into it more. The WBC is really a great thing. It's great for the game and for the players."