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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/24, Padres vs. LAA

Game starts at 1:05 vs. the Angels.

Thank goodness Corey Brock is back in Peoria supplying line ups.

3B, Chris Burke
2B, David Eckstein
RF, Brian Giles
1B, Adrian Gonzalez
DH, Chase Headley
LF, Scott Hairston
CF, Jody Gerut
C, Nick Hundley
SS, Luis Rodriguez
SP, Cha Seung Baek, followed by Duaner Sanchez, Arturo Lopez and Jae Kuk Ryu.

Remember how Bud Black is using vegimite to discipline his team?  Brock reports that Gregerson had to eat it yesterday because he showed up late to camp.  I wish Corey would have taken video and put it on youtube.  

Go Padres!