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San Diego Padres Links 3/24

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  • Asked about expectations on the current Padres..."There are none," general manager Kevin Towers says. "There should be absolutely zero pressure and expectations on our players."
  • Former Padres Prospect Matt Bush could face up to 4 years and a $2k fine for 4 battery charges.  He also has an outstanding warrant for not appearing in court for underage drinking back in 2005.  Obviously the Padres didn't have any control over this guy, but I'm not sure how they let him come to work with an outstanding warrant for the better part of 4 years. Oh also... Bush drinks Miller High Life, because he lives the high life.  What does this tell us about him?  He's a no nonsense type of guy who believes that enjoying a crisp American-style lager with a smooth taste shouldn't drain your wallet.
  • Padres acquire Gregerson.  "Our scouts like him a great deal," Padres general manager Kevin Tower [sic] said. "We're trying to upgrade our bullpen, and this sounds like an upgrade, but it's too early to tell. He's going to get a strong look."  Right now I'm giving Towers a really strong look through my computer.  It's the look that Gary Coleman gives right before he says "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?"
  • DePo talks about the transactions.  Pretty much what he's saying is that we aren't saying goodbye to Geer, Huffman, Antonelli, etc... it's more like "see you later", because even though they are being sent to Portland they'll be in and out of San Diego the rest of the season.
  • Chase Headley hit a walk off home run yesterday.  See if we didn't play in Petco or moved in the fences this kind of thing could cause a fan to have hopes for exciting comeback wins in the coming season.
  • Ducksnorts completed their IVIE projections for 2009 and all with a new buzz cut.
  • Bleed Cubbie Blue thinks the Padres are a "bad, bad, bad, BAD team" and they would know. "I expect the Padres to lose well over 100 games."
  • Kaybee on her Padres Blog begs her dad to take her to Fan Day on April 5th. "I promise that if this economic situation gets so bad that we're desperate for money, I will consider giving up the autographs to sell so we can get some food."
  • Miss California Pad Squad Carrie hosted Ripe TV's Surf Coverage.  Her interview style reminds me of Jenny McCarthy circa Singled Out .  Here's what I've learned from this video, she enjoys flirting with surfers if they have jobs, money, nice cars and the ability to take her to Europe.