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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/23, Padres vs. KC/CLE

Alright so maybe I'm the only one that didn't notice that there is a game going on right now. Started about an hour ago. The Pads are losing to the Royals. It's the 4th inning and we're down 0-1. Later in the day at 4:05, the other part of the split squad is facing Cleavland.

Look what we earned today:


They don't just give these away, we earned this sucker. It's a medal for not cussing for one week. I have to figure out where to hang it. We should all be very proud of ourselves.

In actual Padres news, a lot of moves happening today. Guys that suck are being sent down and guys that will suck but haven't sucked yet are being given a chance.

Jenny Cavnar asked Bud Black about the rotation, here's what he has penciled in:

Jake Peavy
Chris Young
Cha Seung Baek
Kevin Correia

5th spot options: Cesar Ramos, Walter Silva, any new Padres that come down on the waiver wire this week.

Maybe it's just me but does it even matter who pitches 5th? I have a feeling they'll be swapping guys in and out of the rotation all year.