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How did you celebrate Pad Squad Carrie day in La Mesa?

Ahh... La Mesa... Jewel of the HillsPad Squad Carrie... The Bling of the Pad Squad.  What would happen if some how you could combine these two San Diego institutions?  I'll tell you what would happen, you'd get Carrie Prejean Day in La Mesa!  It all happened sometime last week, but as I look at La Mesa's official calendar, I can't figure out which day it was or why I wasn't invited.

Our first question would be "How do you celebrate Carrie Prejean Day in La Mesa?"  For St. Patrick's day you drink green beer and wear green.  Were we supposed to wear a tiara and a sash?  Throw squishy foam balls?  We may have to get an official ruling from the mayor, unless you the readers have any ideas.

Here's the video of Carrie accepting the award in an undisclosed backyard with in ground swimming pool.  Actually now that I think about it this is probably her "Sweet Sundae Sendoff" that took place on March 15th, so that was probably Carrie Prejean day. 

Now Miss California Carrie has left her beloved San Diego to travel to Sin City where she will compete for Miss USA on April 19th.  We can only hope that she brings back the Miss USA crown and not some dirty emo-goth looking magician boyfriend from Vegas.

I wonder why you have to leave for the competition a month ahead of time.  Maybe it's like how athletes need to show up early to get used to elevation.  I'm guessing you have to get your hair accustomed to the dry air.