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Towers: "We're going to have to get a lot better if we're going to have some success"

XX Sports Radio:  Kevin Towers Interview (MP3)

  • Kevin Towers has 4 English Bull Dogs and he makes NCAA Bracket picks for each of the dogs. 
  • We are going to see some new bullpen faces before April 6.
  • Sanchez hasn't regained his velocity but at least he has some experience that is needed in the bullpen.
  • KT is very concerned about Worrell.  It looks like there could be ligament damage or the tendon might have pulled away from the bone.  When that happens it usually means the player will be out at least a year.  KT thinks this injury happened after the trade for Khallil Greene.  There was bruising when he came off the field as a result of internal bleeding.
  • The three guys in the mix for the 5th spot in the rotation are Josh Geer, Cesar Ramos and Walter Silva.  Silva has only thrown one inning but Geer and Ramos haven't had good outings.
  • KT likes what he's seen from Corria and Baek.  Young is gonna be fine.
  • KT is most worried about the pen.  "With two weeks to go, we're going to have to get a lot better if we're going to have some success.  It won't be because of a lack of effort, believe me I'm pounding the phones lines, calling GM's and looking at the waiver wire "
  • Kyle Blanks has been very impressive.  He's faced a lot of the top pitchers in the Cactus League.  They've talked internally about getting him outfield time, but they don't want to screw with his head.  He'll start the year at first base in Portland.  He'll get time in the outfield pre-game and early in the AAA season.  If he looks comfortable out there then we shouldn't be surprised to see him in left field as well.
  • KT expects Everth Cabrera to be on the club.  "We want to break with the best 25 and win the most games we can this year."  
  • Don't expect a major trade by the end of Spring Training.  KT is mostly looking for bullpen pieces.
  • Towers thinks the everyday line up will be better than last year.  He's satisfied with the top end of the rotation, he's focusing on pitching, pitching and more pitching.