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San Diego Padres News and Notes 3/19

  • Apparently this month's Maxim magazine talks about the best things in baseball and they mention cheerleaders.  They then go on to mention the Pad Squad and say "even though it is half dudes, come on have an open mind".  I don't have a link but here's a bunch of  "hometown hotties" who says the Padres are their favorite team.  Lila, Katie, Bonnie, Crystal, LauraAshley and Sherry.
  • Planet Padres has pictures from Spring Training.
  • Edgar Gonzalez is glad he played in the WBC.  "I'm glad that I went and experienced it," he said. "It could have been better. I was sick the whole time. It happened pretty quickly, I think it was the day after we got to Mexico City. ... I think it was all the smog combined with the high altitude that made everyone sick."
  • As mentioned yesterday in the game thread, Worrell is out indefinitely due to elbow soreness. Worrell returned to San Diego to be examined by team doctors and Black later said, "It doesn't look great."
  • The Padres put Drew Macias on a diet, the "eat more you're too skinny" diet.  “Basically I was on a regimen where I had to eat every three hours,” said Macias, who was thought to be too thin by the Padres at the time. “I remember the first couple of weeks, I felt like throwing up every time I'd eat, because I was like, 'I don't want to eat anymore.'  Look at the Padres trying to turn every thin guy into Tony Gwynn.