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Who ordered the hot links?

  • Chris Young won't pitch today because of tendonitis. He isn't worried about it, so the final count of people not worried about it is now one. In the same article, Towers says they aren't going to turn Kyle Blanks into an outfielder, but they are going to start hitting him fly balls in the outfield before games. I'm getting mixed messages.
  • Corey Brock asked Towers about Blanks moving to the outfield as well. Towers again confirms Blanks will take balls in the outfield but he doesn't want to mess with his confidence right now.
  • Brock also reports a sighting of Edgar Gonzalez in Padres Camp. He also lists the players that we won't see in camp anymore because they were cut yesterday.
  • There is an active warrant out for Matt Bush. “We offered an interview to Matt Bush in order to provide his side of the story, and he declined,” El Cajon police Lt. Steve Shakowski said.
  • Weisbarth asked Black what it would he would need to see out of Duaner Sanchez for him to make the club. "I'd like to see him get people out."
  • Three XX Sports Radio Interviews yesterday. Scanman, Brock and Buddy Black.
  • Pad Squad Carrie left a month early to compete for Miss USA. There is an argument in the comments section as to whether she is nice or not.