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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/17, Padres vs. Angels

I wonder if the Padres are going to wear those green St. Patrick's day hats today.  Remember when we got into that big argument with White Sox fans who said they invented wearing green on St. Patrick's day?   That was great.

John Moores always wears an Irish Padres cap year round, at least he used to... before the dark times.

Corey Brock:

CF, Jody Gerut
2B, David Eckstein
RF, Brian Giles
3B, Kevin Kouzmanoff
1B, Kyle Blanks
LF, Chase Headley
C, Eliezer Alfonzo
SS, Luis Rodriguez
SP, Josh Geer (scheduled to throw five innings, followed by Greg Burke, Scott Patterson, Ivan "Aldo" Nova and Mark Worrell.