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Gaslamp Ball joins the No Cussing Club

So I was just reading this story on CNN about this kid that started a No Cussing Club at school.

His dad told him it was probably better if he didn't because he knew the kid would be bullied. The kid went ahead and created the club at his school anyway and it soon became a website with members from all 50 states and 30 countries. His dad, however, was right...

Nicole Lapin: Well, you received not only death threats we should say, McKay. Your site was hacked into, prostitutes were sent to your house. Were you ever scared by any of those threats?

Hatch: At first I was actually pretty scared because they said, 'I know where you live.' Our address was posted online on a really big Web site and at first I was scared. But like I said, these are bullies and they wanted me to be scared and I wasn't going to let them win.

I feel like this is a no lose situation for us, if we can stop cussing we'll all be better people, if not maybe somebody will send prostitutes to our houses.



We're going to try and take the No Cussing Challenge for one week. All of us, you me, even Dex the guy who loves cussing, all of us. We'll hang one of these medals in the side bar if we can make it and then we'll see how far we can go. This is gonna be some good clean fun. If we fail, then eff it. Okay wait, starting now!