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We have no predictions

We've been getting requests for predictions and here's the thing, we have no predictions. We can't even predict who's going to be on the team opening day. How're we supposed to know what's going to happen at the end of the season?

There are like 73 guys in camp right now and I'm pretty sure KT wants to invite more. How are we supposed to make any kind of reasonable prediction?

Also, JBox and I were discussing the current lack of ballplayers with fiery red hair in the big leagues. My suspicion is that they all dyed it some other color after the Mark McGwire thing. It became like naming your son Adolph Adolf or growing a little moustache. Too much bad connotation.

The other thing that we're wondering is how good of a deal this 5 for 5 thing really is. Nobody invited us to the press conference, because they knew we'd ask the hard questions. How big is that hot dog? Are they going to count out the peanuts? Is the cookie like a real cookie or are they just grabbing them on at a time out of a bag of Chips Ahoy? If so, that's f___ked up because those Chips Ahoy cookies are small.

Really, maybe we've gotten to the point that there are too many food options at Petco. Nobody buys anything except for hot dogs, soda or beer anyway. Don't tell me you buy garlic fries. Nobody buys those things on purpose. Let's bring the food options down several notches.