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Spring Training Open Thread: 3/1, Peavy vs. Cubs

Pads are still winless in the Spring.  It's like Father's Day in Peoria with the Pads being gifted ties. I think I like the idea of ties and maybe they should bring them into the regular season, it may force teams to take bigger risks without needing to save players for later innings.

Corey Brock with the line up:

CF, Scott Hairston
2B, David Eckstein
LF, Chase Headley
1B, Kyle Blanks
RF, Will Venable
3B, Travis Denker
C, Nick Hundley
SS, Luis Rodriguez
SP, Jake Peavy (will throw two innings, or 30-35 pitches)

Brock also has two other noteworthy items.  This is Peavy's last start before going off to the WBC.  Also Mark Prior is throwing breaking balls in his pitching sessions, which Bud Black says is a good sign.